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Sydney Meetings - 2007

28th February

A Tale of Two Infrastructures:
the Future of Water and Energy use in our Cities

The Four Societies Lecture

Professor Stuart White, Director of the Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology, Sydney.
9th March

​The Royal Society of New South Wales Annual Dinner

Forum Restaurant, Darlington Centre, Sydney University
2nd May

World Heritage Inscription of Caves and Karst

A/Prof. Julia James, University of Sydney
6th June

Embryonic Stem Cell Research in Australia: Insights from the Lockhart Review

Prof. Peter Schofield, Director, Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute
26th June

Electro-mechanics of Living Cells and Cell Membranes in Intense
Electric Fields

Prof. Hans Coster,
School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Sydney

A joint event with the Australian Institute of Physics, to be held at the Slade Lecture Theatre, School of Physics, University of Sydney.
1st August

From the Crime Scene to the Courtroom: Removing the Hollywood Hype, What is Forensics all about?

Prof. Claude Roux,
Director, Centre for Forensic Science, University of Technology Sydney
5th September

Recent Progress in Quantum Electronics: Control of Small Electronic Circuits by Quantum rather than Classical Physics

Prof. Alex Hamilton,
School of Physics, University of New South Wales
3rd October

The life Science Revolution: How Engineering, Cell Biology and IT Intersect

Prof. Keith Williams,
co-founder of Proteome Systems, formerly Professor of Biology at Macquarie University
7th November

New Earths, Dark Energy and Giant Telescopes: The Future of Australian Astronomy

Prof. Matthew Colless,
Director, Anglo-Australian Observatory
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