Fellows of the Royal Society of NSW (Z)

On this page are listed brief biographies of the following Fellows.
The recorded year references the date on which the Fellow joined the Society,
while the suffixed entry displays the Branch with which the Fellow is associated.

  • Alexander Zelinsky, Fellow (2019) : Hunter
  • Chuan Zhao, Fellow (2018) : Sydney
  • Albert Zomaya, Fellow (2020) : Sydney
  • Alexander Zelinsky, Fellow (2019) : Hunter
    Vice-Chancellor and President, University of Newcastle

    Alex Zelinsky is an internationally recognised computer scientist, academic, and research leader. He has demonstrated outstanding leadership particularly in the translation of research through industry partnerships and as a Vice Chancellor.

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    Chuan Zhao, Fellow (2018) : Sydney
    FRSN BSc (Shaanxi Xi'an) MSc PhD (Northwest Xi'an) FRSC FRACI
    Professor, School of Chemistry, UNSW (Sydney)

    Chuan Zhao is a chemist who has made breakthrough discoveries in the development of Earth-abundant element-based catalysts for electrochemical energy conversion and storage, and in the development of ionic liquids for sustainable chemistry.

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    Albert Zomaya, Fellow (2020) : Sydney
    FRSN PhD (Sheffield) FAA MEurASS ForMAcadEuropaea FIEEE FAAAS FIET
    Peter Nicol Russell Chair Professor of Distributed Computing, School of Computer Science, University of Sydney

    Albert Zomaya is internationally known for his significant technical contributions to the field of Distributed Computing. He has taken a leading role in expanding the nation's capacity for innovative research and training.

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