Fellows of the Royal Society of NSW (V)

On this page are listed brief biographies of the following Fellows.
The recorded year references the date on which the Fellow joined the Society,
while the suffixed entry displays the Branch with which the Fellow is associated.

  • John Vallance, Fellow (2017) : Sydney
  • David van Nunen, Fellow (2022) : Sydney
  • Jerry Vanclay, Fellow (2014) : Hunter
  • Andy Vann, Fellow (2018) : Interstate
  • Margaret Varady, Fellow (2021) : Sydney
  • Franciscus Verstraten, Fellow (2020) : Sydney
  • John Vallance, Fellow (2017) : Sydney
    FRSN BA (Sydney) MA PhD (Cambridge) FAHA
    State Librarian, State Library of New Wales

    John Vallance is a classicist, historian of science, musician, artist, and most of all, by vocation, a teacher and school administrator.

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    David van Nunen, Fellow (2022) : Sydney
    OAM FRSN Dip. Painting (Nat. Art School)
    Artist and President, Australian Watercolour Institute

    David van Nunen is a renown watercolorist with numerous exhibitions in Australia and around the world. He curates, judges and speaks on his art, which can be found in all major galleries in Australia.

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    Jerry Vanclay, Fellow (2014) : Hunter
    FRSN DipCompSc BA (Qld) BSc (Hons) (ANU) MSc(Oxon) DScFor (Qld)
    Professor of Sustainable Forestry, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Southern Cross University

    Jerry Vanclay is an internationally recognised researcher in forestry, particularly in the use of information systems for land use management and decision support for forest management.

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    Andy Vann, Fellow (2018) : Interstate
    FRSN BEng (Hons) PhD (Bristol) FAICD FIEAust CPEng(Ret) EngExec
    Former Vice-Chancellor, Charles Sturt University

    Andrew Vann is now retired, having previously been Vice-Chancellor of Charles Sturt University and holding a number of board and community leadership roles in which he was instrumental in advancing education in regional Australia.

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    Margaret Varady, Fellow (2021) : Sydney
    Chief Education Officer, IDEA Digital Education
    Principal Director, Varady Education Consulting

    Margaret Varady has an extraordinary, life-long record of leadership and achievement in the field of secondary education, internationally as well as throughout Australia.

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    Franciscus Verstraten, Fellow (2020) : Sydney
    FRSN MSc (Radboud) PhD (Utrecht) FASSA
    Professor of Experimental Psychology and McCaughey Chair of Psychology, Department of Psychology, University of Sydney

    Apart from an excellent publication and teaching record, Franciscus Verstraten has championed the highly successful integration of psychological research into a multi-disciplinary enterprise with other Schools in Science and Medicine.

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