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Society welcomes new Members and Fellows: May 2021

RSNSW Seal The Council of the Royal Society of NSW extends a warm welcome to new Members and Fellows elected at the 1294th Ordinary General Meeting on 5 May 2021 and trusts that each will enjoy and benefit from their membership of the Society.

New Members

  • Mr Philip Bailey
  • Mr Jordan Gacutan
  • Mr Brian Spilsbury

New Fellows (including laudations) 

  • Professor John Ballard—Bill Ballard initiated dingo genomics in Australia and has provided a pathway to unravelling the evolutionary history of the continent's apex predator through study of the mitochondrial genome.
  • Ms Frances Bodkin—Fran Bodkin has had a diverse career spanning over 65 years advocating for cultural and environmental issues in roles in government, academia, private sector and as an independent consultant.
  • Dr Jennifer Buckingham—Jennifer Buckingham is a leading academic researcher in the science of reading instruction and an influential voice in shaping education policy at State and Federal levels.
  • Professor Catherine Coleborne—Australia's leading historian of psychiatry, Catherine Coleborne, has transformed our understanding of the past and present of mental illness and the asylum.
  • Professor Judith Dawes—Judith Dawes is a leader in the science of optics, especially light interaction with matter at the nanoscale. Professor Dawes has developed novel laser applications in medicine and dentistry.
  • Professor Ofer Gal—Ofer Gal is a national and global leader in the History and Philosophy of Science, publishing extensively on the historical path that science and university-based research have taken.
  • Professor Jennifer Gore—Jennifer Gore is renowned for her ground-breaking approach to professional development, Quality Teaching Rounds, which is having transformative effects on the quality of teaching, teacher morale and student achievement.
  • Professor Gordon Grigg—Professor Gordon Grigg is a significant leader of research into Australian vertebrates. He is known for studies of the biology of saltwater crocodiles, and first discovered hibernation in a non-placental mammal.
  • Professor Janet Nelson—Janet Nelson, an internationally renowned chemist, has had a distinguished career in research leadership, including senior roles in the university, government and industry sectors in the US and now Australia.
  • Ms Anne Maria Nicholson—Anne Maria Nicholson is a celebrated novelist and media professional. She has brought the arts to a national audience, enriching both practitioners and the public and making a positive contribution to Australian culture.
  • Dr Samantha Oakes—Samantha Oakes' contributions to the improvement of breast cancer survival has been significant through the discovery of new therapeutic combinations, to leading the follow-up unit for Australia’s largest advanced cancer genomic clinical trial.
  • Professor Laura Poole-Warren—Laura Poole-Warren has made outstanding research contributions in biomedical engineering. Through senior academic roles, she has significantly impacted institutional research and is an exceptional mentor and role model for young researchers.
  • Professor Simon Ringer—Simon Ringer is an outstanding materials engineer specialising in microstructure-process-property relationships in advanced materials, and a key leader in shaping Australia's research infrastructure landscape.
  • Professor Jackie Scully—Jackie Scully is internationally recognised as a leader in disability and feminist bioethics, whose work has made major contributions to theoretical bioethics, healthcare policy, and public engagement.
  • Professor Mark Stewart—Mark Stewart is an international leader in risk assessment, public policy decision making, and protective infrastructure for extreme hazards applied to a wide range of infrastructure/ engineering systems, including climate change.
  • Hon. Associate Professor Laurence Wakelin—Larry Wakelin is internationally recognised for his research into innovative DNA-binding anti-cancer drugs, particularly intercalating and DNA-directed alkylating agents, and for his teaching of pharmacology to both science and medical students.
  • Associate Professor Qilin Wang—Qilin Wang has made significant contributions to the development of a suite of innovative technologies to revolutionise the science and practice of urban water management for Australian water utilities.
  • Emeritus Professor Ian Webster—Ian Webster has served in senior leadership positions in Public Health and Community Medicine, and is known for his work on addiction, mental health and the impact of homelessness.


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