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The Warren Prize (Lecture & Medal)

The Warren Prize consists of a medal and a monetary award of $500.  The aim of the award is to recognize research of national or international significance by engineers and technologists in their early to mid careers.

Early-career researchers will have established a publication record in top-tier journals around a particular topic and wish to make a broader audience aware of the importance of their work. 
Mid-career researchers will have completed a larger body of work that they believe has relevance to society generally and wish to publicise their work as part of an on-going research and teaching programme. 
In each case, the research must have originated or have been carried out principally in New South Wales.  Entries may be submitted by researchers from any public or private organisation that encourages original research and development.

Entries are by submission of an original paper written to academic standards by 30 September 2019 to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of the Journal and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New South Wales.  Entrants are referred to the information for authors available on the Society’s website.

The paper should review the applicant's research and identify its national or international significance.  Preference will be given to entries that demonstrate relevance across the spectrum of knowledge -- science, art, literature, and philosophy -- that the Society promotes.  An interview may be required.  The paper may refer to previously published research but must not violate copyright of previous publications.

The winning paper and a selection of other entries submitted will be peer-reviewed and are expected to be published in the Journal and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New South Wales.  Depending on the number of acceptable entries, there may be a special edition of the Journal and Proceedings that would be intended to showcase research by early- and mid-career Australian researchers.

A judging panel appointed by the Royal Society of NSW will determine the winners.

The Prize will be presented at the Society's Annual Dinner.

The Warren Prize has been established by the Royal Society of NSW to acknowledge Professor Warren's contribution both to the Society and to the technological disciplines in Australia and internationally. William Henry Warren established the first faculty of engineering in New South Wales and was appointed as its Professor at the University of Sydney in 1884.  Professor Warren was President of the Royal Society of New South Wales on two occasions.  He had a long career of more than 40 years and during this time was considered to be the most eminent engineer in Australia.  When the Institution of Engineers, Australia was established in 1919, Professor Warren was elected as its first President.  He established an internationally respected reputation for the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Sydney and published extensively, with many of his papers being published in the Journal and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New South Wales.

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