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The Walter Burfitt Prize

The Walter Burfitt Prize was established as a result of a generous gift to the Society by Dr W.F. Burfitt BA MB ChM BSc, of Sydney, which was augmented by another gift from Mrs W.F. Burfitt when Dr Burfitt died in 1957.  The Prize was further augmented in 2004 by a gift from Dr Burfitt's grand-daughter Mrs A. Thoeming.

The Prize consists of a bronze medal and a money prize of £75 (now $150).  It is awarded at intervals of three years to a worker in pure or applied science, resident in Australia or New Zealand, and whose papers and other contributions published during the past six years are deemed of the highest scientific merit.  Account is taken only of investigations described for the first time, and carried out by the author mainly in these countries.

Nominations for the 2019 prize close on 30 September 2019.   A letter of nomination and the nominee's full curriculum vitae should be sent to the Awards Committee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Walter Burfitt Prize 2016 has been awarded to Scientia Professor Justin Gooding FRACI FRSC FISE FAA FRSN. He is an ARC Australian Laureate Fellow and Deputy Head of School of Chemistry, School of Chemistry, UNSW

Professor Gooding’s field is surface chemistry. He is a leading authority in the field of surface modification of electrodes, mostly focused on bioelectronics interfaces. He has had a number of pioneering achievements, including understanding electron transfer at surfaces, making silicon compatible with aqueous solutions, advanced electrochemical techniques, and single nanoparticle sensors.

Year & RecipientYear & Recipient
1929    N.D. Royle (Medicine)
1932    C.H. Kellaway (Medicine)
1935    V.A. Bailey (Physics)
1938    F.MN. Barnet (Medicine)
1941    F.W. Whitehouse (Geology)
1944    H.L. Kesteven (Medicine)
1947    J.C. Jaeger (Mathematics)
1950    D.F. Martyn (Ionospheric Geophysics)
1953    K.E. Bullen (Geophysics)
1956    J.C. Eccles (Medicine)
1959    F.J. Fenner (Microbiology)
1962    M.F. Glaessner (Palaeontology)
1965    C.A. Fleming (Micropalaeontology)
1968    L.E. Lyons (Chemistry)
1971    M.R. Lemberg (Medicine)
1974    B.J. Robinson (Radiophysics)
1977    A. Kerr (Plant Pathology)
1980    H.A. Buchdahl (Physics)
1983    W.S. Hancock (Biochemistry)
1986    B.N. Figgis (Inorganic Chemistry)
1992    G. Paxinos (Psychology)
1995    R.M. Manchester (Astronomy)
1998    A.K. Burrell (Chemistry)
2001    M.W. Parker (Medicine)
2004    B.A. Neilan (Biology)
2007    M. Colless (Astronomy)
2010    R. Shine (Biology)
2013    M. Simmons (Physics)
2016    J. Gooding (Chemistry)


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