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Award Winners 2019

Each year, the Society makes a number of awards, mainly in the field of science. These are among the oldest and most prestigious awards in Australia.

The Society's awards for 2019 were announced on 4 December. They were the:

  • James Cook Medal — Scientia Professor Matthew England
  • Clarke Medal — Professor Dietmar Müller
  • Edgeworth David Medal — Professor Si Ming Man
  • History and Philosophy of Science Medal — Professor Evelleen Richards
  • Walter Burfitt Prize — Professor Kouroush Kalantar-Zadeh
  • Royal Society of NSW Scholarships — Emma Austin, Shayam Balaji, Michael Papanicolaou, Thomas Pettit

Full citations will appear in the Journal and Proceedings of the RSNSW. Further information about both these awards and their recipients is available on the website.

Gayathri Bharathan was presented with the (previously announced) Jak Kelly Award by Mrs Irene Kelly at the OGM on Wednesday, 4 December 2019. The Scholarship winners will present their work at the OGM on Wednesday, 12 February 2020.

The other Awards will be presented at the Society's Annual Dinner on Friday, 8 May 2020.


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Nominations for the Society’s awards close on 30 September each year.

For instructions for an award nomination, click on its name in the drop-down menu under "Awards" above.

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