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Archibald Ollé Prize

The Archibald Ollé Prize of $500 is given from time to time at the discretion of Council to the member of the Society who has submitted the best paper to the Society's journal in any year. The prize was established under the terms of a bequest of Mrs A.D. Ollé.

Nominations close on 30 September of each year and should be sent to <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>


1956 R.L Stanton 1974 D.A. Gray
1958 A. Reichel 1977 L.A. Drake
1959 G. Bosson 1978 D.S. King
1960 H.G. Golding 1979 R.J. Korsch
1961 V.A. Bailey 1981 H.A. Martin
1962 J.C. Standard 1983 D.S. King & N.R .Lomb
1964 J.L. Griffith 1984 R.A.L. Osborne & T.J. Goodwin
1965 J. Roberts 1985-6 R.S. Vagg & P.A. Williams
1966 R.A. Binns 1987 S.J. Riley & H.M. Henry
1967 J.R. Connolly 1994 M. Organ
1970 B.B. Guy 1997 G. Neef


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