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The Royal Society of NSW is the oldest learned institution in Australia - but our focus is on the future.

The Society relies on having a vibrant membership and on voluntary contributions to support its work in advancing knowledge and encouraging research in science, art, literature and philosophy.  Your support allows us to continue to influence, to lead and contribute to developing Australia's future.


By far the best way to support the Society is to join it and to become actively involved in its affairs.  Membership is open to any person interested in advancing knowledge in science, art, literature and philosophy.  For more information on joining the Society, visit the Membership page.

Donations and bequests

Over the last 160 years, the Society has benefited greatly from generous donations and bequests from both Members and other benefactors.


Support Australia's future with a one-off gift or regular donations.  Gifts and donations to the Society's Scholarship and Library funds are tax deductible.  Find out more here.


Leave a legacy to the future by remembering the Society in your will.  Find out more here.

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